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Redback Training institute offer many professional courses which are approved in the IT fields. ITIL certification training is one such course which helps the concepts of the IT industry to be applied in the field itself. The ITIL training helps the individual to become master at handling all the IT issues in a corporate which betters the prospects of such individuals in the industries. ITIL Certification Training is best suited for individuals who are in the IT industry and want to improve their chances in the industry. Moreover ITIL trained individuals helps the IT industries in the reduction of costs and risks, improving the productivity of the company as well as improvement in customer satisfaction. ITIL training helps you to venture on a path of excellent innovations that would help you to take your company to an altogether new level.

Requirements of ITIL certification training
ITIL training is a multi level course which provides a multi faceted approach to IT professional training. ITIL credential is important for people as it will help them to relate to the professional ideas which they would not understand otherwise. The requirements of such courses are

  •  There is no particular eligibility required for this course except for an idea about the software industry.
  •  People who are connected to the data centers, travel and healthcare industry.
  •  Individuals who have a minimum of 22 credit points in a professional IT course.

Methods of studying under the course
ITIL certification training provides the training both by the means of both ITIL classroom training and ITIL online training.

* ITIL classroom training- ITIL classroom training provides training in a classroom under the guidance of exceptional faculty. The faculty is trained in the IT industry and their experience helps them to guide you better in a purely professional manner. The ITIL classroom training includes study materials, e- learning facilities as well as mock test facilities.

* ITIL online training- ITIL online training helps a student who is currently employed in a job to pursue the professional course from their home. The ITIL online training course provides them with the option of choosing their time of studying and that too with the help of e- learning materials. The course details as well as the materials are updated all the time in an online course and thus it helps you to stay in touch with the recently updated developments in the IT industry.

Benefits of ITIL certification training
There are various advantages of such a professional course in a competitive field such as that of the IT sector. Firstly, ITIL training improves your potential and helps you to become a better and well qualified employee. With better performance your chances in the IT industry also increases. Therefore, you can expect faster promotions and better salary when you can present the course certification in your curriculum vitae. You are offered much better prospective when you are trained in such an advanced professional course. Such opportunities help to strengthen your footing in the IT industry.
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In the business world of the present age, the professionals have realized the need of Information Security in every aspect. And as a result, these industries have developed manifold. The application of the electronic and also the electronic business with the aid of internet medium hiked rampant. These occurrences have intensified the necessity of the efficient methods of security. In this context, CISSP Course is such a means to control cyber risk in this age. Moreover, such an advanced initiative for information security business clearly exhibits the proficient group, which an organization holds. This modern trend has escalated the need for CISSP certified professionals. IT executives who accomplished CISSP Training Course‎  recognize how to be more talented in the global marketplace.

What major skills can be achieved through CISSP?
Integrity of Data-
The CISSP trained executives make certain that all information is secured, and as a result it assures on the integrity. In modern business world, CISSP certified experts are present in all sorts of groups because all corporate units require labor that will make certain about its information safety. Loss of records could appear deadly for upcoming development of any corporate house.

Availability of Data-
With businesses crossing national limits the size of its records is also growing. The physical storage of all such huge data is nearly not possible and is moreover prone to get damaged. So, information technology can come to help but that obviously does not decrease the possibility of its loss. CISSP Certification Training is thus intended to cater this requirement of current market.

Management of risk-
CISSP certification never demands any added necessities for its acquisition. Your preference of having the training must be made carefully since it is everything that makes a huge difference. This training from Redback is a basic step for students of information security sector and therefore its achievement is essential. In present work society many extreme reliable information get cleared up in mists and thus its safety is a vital need. The employees with established degrees on the CISSP courses perform as a resource to any company since they offer an edge of special requirement in terms of protection of data. This training is planned for not only for beginners but also for those who have some knowledge in this area and is looking for specialization.

Preparation for CISSP exam in Redback-
Redback is the best known institute that provides CISSP Certification Training to all the concerned candidates. The KTE’s(Knowledge Transfer Expert) has over 20+ years of experience in Fortune 50 Information Security Companies and also have 9,000+ hours of training experience to prepare you with their best effort to pass the exam of premier security certification. Professionals, who achieved this CISSP, have revealed that they have intense knowledge of each of the Common Body of Knowledge Domains besides the essential skills to provide management in the operational jobs of the businesses’ information security programs. The courseware materials of Redback for CISSP certification are fully up-to-date and also coordinated with the new objectives of (ISC) ² exams.

If you enroll your name in Redback in classroom-based or CISSP online Training, you may be qualified for their CISSP Dual Certification program course which included Training on ISO270001 aswell. You can obtain knowledge from the instructors with highest caliber and years of experience. They are successfully preparing lots of candidates for the CISSP Exam Training and achieved 86% pass percentage.
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There are several threats, often faced by the present businesses in case of the information technology field and it is hard to recognize these threats without gaining the fundamental knowledge relevant to business information. Even you would not be able to understand how to save this information and how they are affected. At this point, CISSP Certification Training plays a significant role in providing the knowledge of securing the information of any company. CISSP qualification is an industry-standard certification that confirms the base of knowledge on information systems security experts. Over 64,000 security experts all through the world are qualified. This certification course is managed by International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium.

CISSP Certification Training at Redback for students of any place
Redback is one of the largest CISSP Exam Training providers, with a huge number of professionals qualified internationally and these professionals add value to your time and money that are invested. All the courses of this institute are designed and created under a tested and tried. Both Indian and foreign students can get access in this institute. Moreover, if a student feels to complete the course from home, then he can go for CISSP online Training.

Eligibility for the CISSP online Training exam
If you want to get success in CISSP exam, then you have to submit a proper application along with the fee. Besides, you are supposed to have minimum experience of five years in the domain of information security, or an appropriate blend of education and practical experience. Moreover, you should agree to follow the code of the ethics and also reply to some background questions. In case you do not possess enough experience to gain an absolute certification, you can have a designation of Associate of (ISC) 2 by successfully accomplishing the test.

How to become qualified
The training consists of the basic Common Body of Knowledge, generally known as the CBK. This CBK includes Latest Eight domains, and from these the questions of exams are drawn. The topics of the domain contain business stability planning, security management methods, cryptography, law, analysis and principles, physical safety, telecommunications, security in operations and so on.

You have only six hours for completing all 250 questions on this CISSP test, though the standard test-taker needs about four hours. Its multiple-choice questions deal with all of the Eight domains of the CBK. Question pool comprises maximum one fifty new questions every year so as to make certain the test includes current methods.

To attain certification, you should meet the requirements for eligibility, pass the test and submit a filled up endorsement form. This endorsement form should be filled by another qualified professional and a copy is delivered to those who get success in the exam. You may be audited to make sure that your specialized experience as well as background is stated perfectly. Additionally, you must receive long-term education credits with the help of a range of systems during a period of three years.
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The world relies on the IT industry today. Redback attempts to help individuals make rapid advances in the realms of IT service management, Project management services, Scrum, Agile, Technological training, organizational development, Quality control management and Soft skills to the host of individuals and enterprises from the global community. With The IT industry making progress in leaps and bounds, professionals are seeking to make it large in the global realm. The IT industry is a growing sea bed of opportunities. With proper training, individuals can apply for the industry and rise to the heights of brilliance.

Benefits of the PRINCE2 Foundation Certification Training

Attending the Prince2 Certification Training has a host of benefits for the people attempting to improve the scope of the Project management careers by providing valuable information and certifications. It helps you in a number of ways as enlisted below

  • Expanding the scope of professional careers.
  • The course allows you to earn a certificate that is globally recognised.
  • The training helps you to explore the full extent of the Global possibilities open to you.
  • Using the PRINCE2 Foundation Online Training can help you achieve the full heights of your Project management career by the globally recognised certificate.
  • The course enables you to learn from experienced trainers online and gives you a better shot at clearing the difficult PRINCE2 Examination at the first attempt.
  • Set yourself apart from your peers and get a better chance of being a part of projects that are mission critical in nature with the globally acclaimed certification from PRINCE2 that can grant you the status of a Certified Professional in your field.

Key Features of the PRINCE2 Foundation Certification Training Online
With a number of features that set it apart from the other, PRINCE2 Foundation Practitioner Certification Training helps you get ahead of others in the race. Some of the key features of the program have been stated below-

  • The program offers an Instructor-led structure of classroom training that can help you make progress in your professional career.
  • The program provides two tests as a part of the practice for the PRINCE2 Foundation Examination.
  • A PRINCE2 Practitioner Practice tests have also been included.
  • The structure of learning is interactive and allows the applicants to earn up to 45 PDUs.
  • The courseware material is also provided in the form of a hard copy in the training workshop.

The online package and the course syllabus

PRINCE2 online packages have learning modules designed for Foundation and Practitioner level of course, thus you do not need to buy extra learning software to move on to the Practitioner level.

The course needs support from any experienced PRINCE2 instructor. It is perfect for any person looking to teach in their individual time, speed and location to go with them. This takes nearly 10 to12 hours to accomplish.

Syllabus of the course
  • PRINCE2 Overview and standards- It includes key components of PRINCE2 along with PRINCE2 Manual and system of a PRINCE2 scheme
  • PRINCE2 procedures- It covers the process model, Sub-Process Summary and Information Flow.
  • PRINCE2 Themes – This covers Business Case, Quality, Plans, Risk and Progress.

Redback can help you to get ahead of your peers in the PRINCE2 Foundation Examination by providing a detailed course structure of the program. It can also help in the creation of a classroom model that enables you to hold conversations with the experts at the field.
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ITIL has been accepted internationally by lots of businesses, professionals and advisors to help them in delivering the developments to the IT services. This ITIL assists you to understand improvements comprising reductions of costs in service delivery, improvements in processes, better measurement as well as reporting and constantly driving up the feature of IT Services. The ITIL gives direct advantages to service providers, companies and their consumers.

There are mainly 4 levels of certification in the scheme:

  • Foundation level
  • Intermediate level
  • Expert level
  • Master level

Effectively passing the first one, that is, Foundation examination is compulsory before you can go to other levels.

ITIL Online Training Course is always supported by an all-inclusive qualifications system, accredited training associations, and execution as well as assessment tools.

Develop your possibilities of employment in the future
ITIL is gradually becoming the most preferred qualification to get a job. According to a survey, the average salary in US for ITIL based jobs was more $108,000 for every year.

How to become certified in ITIL Foundation?

Undergo the ITIL Foundation course – IT includes seventeen easy to absorb sessions covering ITIL terms, structure, ideas and processes that includes video lectures, study guides in addition to quizzes. The duration of study is eighteen hours. You can take the exam through online.
It is to be noted that the Foundation level of examination is not comprised within the cost of this course. The examination process is completely explained here.

What are the necessities?

PC or computer running at least the Windows version XP or above is needed. Alternatively any MAC computer can be used with minimum requirement of 128 MB RAM and at least 500MHz Processor. You are also recommended to have minimum Screen Display dimension of 15”.
Headphones should be connected to your PC – to pay attention to the video lectures.

Benefits of the online ITIL Foundation course

  • Best Cost effective course– no travel expenditures; learn from your house or workplace
  • No interruptions – study where you feel completely relaxed, where you can never be distracted by any other, which a classroom surroundings can carry
  • Time efficient course– All time availability is these and so you can study anytime – You can learn at your own speed
  • Comprehensive – recognized courseware includes all parts of a ITIL Foundation course program
  • Secure – exceptional sign-on promises that you can record your course development and sample examination results
  • Accessible anywhere there is access to web – at house, in the office or on the street.
  • Interactive quizzes – offers an instant assessment and clarification of every question’s answer.

Redback is specialized in the worldwide delivery of completely qualified online ITIL training. They offer better customer education experiences and even pride themselves on their close relationships with their customers. They do it by ensuring that each phase of their course production as well as delivery procedure is managed accurately. They present flexible, anyplace access to certified courseware – supported by well-informed and responsive ITIL Expert instructors along with other support staffs.
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IT is a very popular career path. But with everyone in the IT sector what makes you so different? It’s time you gave your career a boost by acquiring knowledge and skills that set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Redback brings you a quick and simple guide to help you choose between three well respected qualifications that are renowned worldwide.

PRINCE2 – Projects In Controlled Environments

ITIL –Information Technology Infrastructure Library

PMP –Project Management Professional

How do you get PRINCE2, PMP and ITIL?

There are programs you can engage in to acquire certification for each of these IT Training Programs.

PRINCE2 training has the following levels:


ITIL Certification training includes:

Managing Across The Life cycle (MALC)

PMP Certification training however is not split up into various levels of expertise.

How do individuals and organizations use them?

For IT service management you need to go in for ITIL Certification Training. The framework of this course is recognized all across the world. It delivers a cohesive set of the best IT practice, guidelines for development, delivery and management of IT services.

To manage projects and improve project management skills PMP Certification Training and PRINCE2 Training are your best options. Both these courses are accepted anywhere in the world and are perfect for beginners who don’t know anything about projects and how to manage them. Professionals can also take up these courses to revise what they’ve learned and how to better their performance.

How do the three qualifications differ in their approach?

What you learn under PMP is based on the Project Management Institute’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (or the PMBOK Guide). This guide will direct and equip you with tools and techniques you need to manage all your projects.

PRINCE2 is a more practical course. It has methodology based on various processes, allowing step-by-step detailed guidance for the delivery of projects. You’ll be taught a clear template of the processes and steps you need to follow in order to successfully manage a project.

ITIL is also process based like PRINCE2. It helps trainees manage and deliver IT services to an organization in a very effective manner. ITIL was originally only taken up by IT professionals. However, now it doesn’t matter what field you specialize in; you can participate in ITIL training. It helps in continuous improvement of efficiency, effectiveness, cost and quality management. Your entire organization can benefit from ITIL certification, or as an individual, you can set yourself apart from the rest.

What is the market for each of the qualifications?

The Project Management Institute qualifications come from USA, which makes PMP certification very prominent in America. It is also valued all over the world because of its comprehensive content in the PMBOK Guide.

PRINCE2 was originally developed by the UK, Office of Government Commerce. But now it is a universal standard followed by various IT firms and professionals, mainly because of its practical nature and scalability. The PRINCE2 qualification is mostly preferred in Europe, Australia and countries outside North America.

ITIL, on the other hand, is accepted everywhere on the planet. That’s because it helps an organization in every avenue and supports IT services in the business as well.

Is it worth doing more than one?

Yes! The more you learn, the better equipped you’ll be to handle anything. PRINCE2 deals with project framework, while PMP tells you what to do throughout the project life cycle. Both are concerned with project management, so gaining knowledge from both will help you take your project management skills to the next level. Together, they can control the project much better and improve the chances of success.

As for ITIL we already know it is an indispensable part of IT and now the entire organization. But for that IT Business edge you need both PMP and ITIL certification.

Redback provides the best platform for professionals to improve his/ her capabilities in IT field by qualified trainers. You can visit us at the to get more details regarding ITIL, PMP and PRINCE2 certification training, enroll today! Don’t regret!
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How Safe is Your Email?

Email is (and has been) a prime method of communication for businesses of all sizes. With email comes a whole slew of issues that are essentially synonymous with the technology; spam, information overload, phishing, and information privacy. Even Michigan small businesses that only do business locally are at risk of these issues. Personal email accounts are equally at risk. Employing proper precautions and practices whenever communicating via email is very important to prevent the risk of security compromises, monetary loss, and even legality issues.

Spam Inundation

If you've been using email for a while either professionally or personally you have almost certainly gotten email from people you don't know. Most of these emails are blatantly unwanted while others can look 'almost' legit, as if a real person is trying to contact you. Often (and unfortunately) spammers can get your email address when you put it online or use it to register for accounts on sites on the internet. The good news is standard spam protection is getting better these days, and more advanced spam protection is cost effective for businesses that need the extra layer of protection. Spam can cause a lot of harm for a business network if it isn't kept under control - spam can bog down email servers and eat up network bandwidth and plus it drastically slows down employee productivity because they need to sift through it all just to find their real email. If you and your staff are getting more than a few spam emails a day, contact us at 866.326.9090 and ask about our anti-spam solutions.

Don't Open Attachments from Unsolicited Emails

This has been a golden rule for general email usage for a very long time. If you received an email from a stranger and there is an attachment, don't touch it. If you receive an email from a contact and there is an attachment, but anything is suspicious, don't touch it. This goes the same for links - if the email was unexpected and just seems fishy, it is possible your contact's email may have been compromised. Use your judgment on this, but remember it isn't your contact trying to trick you, they are merely the victim of a similar hoax from one of their contacts. If you have any doubt, simply reply or pick up the phone and ask them about it before continuing.

Keep your Computer Safe

Be sure to keep antivirus definitions up to date, and run scans regularly. Running adware and spyware removal software at regular intervals is important too. Be sure your Windows Updates are up to date as well. For businesses, you'll want to invest in network protection to keep external threats from leaking in. Even for small Michigan businesses, security and threat management is important to keep operations running smoothly and to prevent expensive downtime and data theft.

Don't Rely on Email for Storage

Everyone has done this at least once; you are working on a report or document on one computer and you email it to yourself in order to pull it up on another computer. That's fine as long as you mind your inbox capacity, but you shouldn't rely on email for storing files, not even as a reliable backup. Imagine having to painstakingly pick through all of your email to restore your most important files. It doesn't sound like a good idea now, does it? On top of that, email isn't any less prone to data corruption or loss than any typical storage solution, and unless the server hosting your email is backed up with a reliable solution, it could be here today and gone the next.

Encrypt Sensitive Data

If you send sensitive data to other recipients, you will want to consider email encryption. Some industries require this. Email encryption simply scrambles the message while it is being sent, and depending on what type of encryption, will descramble itself or allow your recipient to log in to a secure location to view the data. Although email encryption services vary, most of them are very cost effected especially when put beside the risks of sensitive data getting leaked and stolen. Give us a call at 866.326.9090 to learn more about email encryption and what solution is right for your business needs.
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Established in the year 1978, Certified Information Systems Auditor is one of the professional qualifications related to the field of IT audit experts. It is explained by Information Systems Audit and Control Association and the students have to fulfill the essentials, which are fixed by this ISACA. The training engages technical and the practical data that are necessary to succeed the CISA examination. CISA certification is recognized internationally by the businesses, it reveals a specialized commitment to serve an association with IS audit, and security business. Here is a discussion on how CISA Certification can help in different aspects.

Enhancing your abilities
Attending a CISA Certification Training is perfect for motivation. The workers, who are constantly learning and creating their skills, are quite satisfied in their jobs. The training in CISA can assist you to boost your abilities and make certain that you are always working at the level of best practice. This can also aid you with your individual and professional improvement.

Increasing the possibility of promotion
If you are CISA qualified, it can place you at a great advantage while you want to compete for a job. The employers will give favor to you because you have completed the CISA Certification Training and achieve a certification related to your field of job. This certification will make you distinctive to the other applicants who are not certified with CISA. You may even be able to utilize the CISA Certification Training to negotiate a higher salary.

Become more contented with your skills
CISA certification program cheers you to practice many more. With the CISA training session, you will turn out to be more relaxed with your position as IS auditor. These training systems also facilitate you to learn from the mistakes, and so it can ensure that you will do the same mistakes in actual job. Obtaining the CISA qualifications will offer you a boost in confidence.  You will have more faith in your talents and will thus be able to perform your job in better way.

Add a global standard qualification
CISA is an internationally recognized certification, suggesting that businesses all of the globe will know it. It can significantly benefit you when you are wishing to act as the IS auditor in any area of the world. CISA certification denotes that a person is a specialist in his domain. It is a symbol of superiority for IT structure audit professionals.

How to become a professional CISA specialist
In order to be CISA qualified you have to successfully accomplish the CISA test. Before it, you will have to perform the required preparation and have at least five years of experience in related position. The online CISA training, which you experience, will generally engage practicing auditing methods, gathering and protecting evidence and developing your control.

Redbacks is a reputable Online CISA Training provider. They also give the classroom training and other ready-made industrial solutions. They offer all the trainings at a very affordable rate. Though it is situated in India, the foreign students are also greeted by the authority of Redbacks. In this way, the faculties of Redbacks help in IT Education as well as the development of career.
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There are many individuals who are currently looking for some information about various project management training, so they can develop their abilities and become more innovative in their jobs. It is perhaps the reason why many of them try to learn more about what are PMP qualifications.

They also wish to know why it is helpful for the managers or the administrators. The answer to their query is that this credential is offered by Project Management Institute, which is an internationally recognized group. Usually their exam may seem hard; however the PMPs need to pass this examination for obtaining the certification.

Benefit your business with special experience- As you would go through the process of certification, you will learn a standardized series of project management and the best methods to apply it in your own business projects.

High amount of salary- The project managers who are PMP certified obtain a standard starting salary of about $90,000 per year. As a whole PMP certificates will give you twenty percent increase in the amount of salary over the other non-certified project managers who have similar criterion.

Possibility of good networking- While you complete the PMP Certification Training, you will be well-informed on other individuals who are working hard for getting success in PMP credential test. In addition to this, you can also get in touch with those persons who already pursued PMP Training. You never recognize who may help you get your subsequent job, so the more individuals in your domain you contact, the simpler it will become to obtain the job you desire.

Assists you to teach others- As you will undergo the specialized course, you can educate others about the tools needed for a project management.

More well-organized projects- Since a traditional or online PMP certification training can provide you a number of tools to use in creating efficient schemes; you can develop the effectiveness and output in all of the project experiences.

Pre-requisite of the applicants and the exam structure
All the applicants, who are wishing to choose PMP certification have to acquire some years of knowledge in the area of this project management. Minimum 5 years experience in the project management and about thirty five hours of formal teaching are needed if you want to apply for the training. A candidate having bachelor’s degree or any related degree may simply apply for the training.

The test of PMP Certification Training includes two hundred multiple choice questions. The candidates have to solve all these within four hours.

Redbacks is a well known PMP Training provider. The course of classroom or online PMP certification Training in this institute is designed in such a way that it will cater to the varying requirements of different sectors like IT schemes, mega projects and also service projects. The boot camp of Redbacks regarding the IT certification offers the unique elements, which help in developing the level of comprehension of the learners, and also their exposure to the circumstances where they will be able to make use of their skills.
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Project Management Professional (PMP) is the professional certification every project manager needs to acquire for enhanced skills in management. The latest changes to PMP Exam will be introduced on 1 November 2015 to improve its effectiveness.

What would be the upcoming new change/additions?
The PMP Examination Content Outline will be determined by the Project Management Institute (PMI) as usual and the performance domains will remain the same, however, these domains will witness the addition of new tasks as mentioned below:


There are 3 new additions for Domain-I they include:

Task 1: Support feasibility studies of new products and services within the predetermined parameters and/ or assumptions, with the help of information gathered from project assessments, lessons learned from projects in the past and regular meetings with stakeholders relevant to the project at hand.

Task 2:Based on business requisites the crucial deliverable will be identified, facilitating the management of customer’s expectations and the direct attainment of project goals.

Task 3: Use suitable tools and techniques to analyze stakeholders to get them all on the same page and acquire their support towards the project.

Task 4: Determine the assumption, constrains and risks associated with the current environment, historical data, organizational factors, and expert judgment to help with strategy implementation.

Task 5: Compiling and analyzing the information gathered, to participate in development of the project charter, for the purpose of making sure all the stakeholders agree with every element of the project.

Task 6: Attaining the sponsor’s approval on project charter to formalize the authority assigned to the project manager and to acquire project acceptance and commitment.

(New) Task 7:Analyzing the stakeholders benefits (i.e. the customer, subject matter experts and the sponsors), in order to confirm that the expected business value and organizational strategy align with the project.

(New) Task 8:Providing the stakeholders with information of the approved project, to establish common understanding about themilestones, key deliverables and their tasks and responsibilities.


Planning the Project domain will have one new task.

Task 1: Conducting reviews and assessments of lessons learned, project requirement details, constraints and assumptions with stakeholders based on the project charter, with the help of requirement gathering techniques,to determine detailed project deliverables.

Task 2: Prepare a scope management plan with the help of approved project scope and scope management strategies, to define, manage and maintain the project scope.

Task 3: Prepare a cost management plan, through estimating techniques,with the help of the approved project charter, project scope, resources, schedule and other information, for the purpose of managing costs.

Task 4: Prepare the project schedule with the help of details on scope, approved project deliverables and milestones and resource management plans, to manage project completion in a timely fashion.

Task 5: Prepare the human resource management plan by pointing out the project team member’s roles and responsibilities, for good project organizational structure and offer guidance regarding the assignment and management of resources.

Task 6: Prepare the communications management plan with the help of stakeholder requirements and project organization structure, to define and manage communication of project information.

Task 7: Prepare the procurement management plan depending on the project budget, scope and schedule, to ensure availability of project resources.

Task 8: Prepare the quality management plan and state the project and its products quality standards, depending on the project risks, requirements and scope, to avoid defects from occurring and maintain quality cost control.

Task 9: Prepare the change management plan by defining how to address and control changes, for the purpose of tracking and managing change.

Task 10: Prepare the risk management plan through the identification, analysis and prioritizing project risks and devising risk response strategies, to manage opportunities and uncertainties during the life cycle of the project.

Task 11: Acquiring approval to proceed and execute the project, by following the necessary policies and procedures to present the project management plan tothe respective stakeholders.

Task 12: Hosting a meeting to commence and communicate the start of the project, the main milestones and other relevant information, to inform, update and engage the stakeholders and attain commitment.

(New) Task 13: Developing a plan to manage the stakeholders, by examining interests, needs and potential impact, thus allowing the effective management of the stakeholders and getting them involved in business decisions.


For the Project Execution part of the PMP Exam Change, 2015 involves 2 additional tasks.

Task 1: Meeting project requirements by obtaining and maintaining project resources as per directives ofthe procurement management plans and human resource.

Task 2: Achieving project deliverables by leading and creating a project team for the management and execution of task depending on the project management plan.

Task 3: Using appropriate plans and techniques to instill the quality management plan, to makesure quality standards are followed when it comes to performance of work.

Task 4: Following the change management plan to execute corrective action and approved changes, to meet the requirements of the project.

Task 5: Taking advantage of opportunities and reducing the impact of risks, by implementing approved actions as per the risk management plan.

(New) Task 6: Directing information as per the communication plan so that all the stakeholders are informed and engaged.

(New) Task 7: Deriving continuous support from stakeholders and managing their expectations, by following through with the stakeholder’s management plan.


To improve monitoring and controlling the project task 6 and task 7 will be introduced.

Task 1: Applying appropriate techniques and tools to measure project performance, for the purpose of identifying and quantifying any variances and the need for corrective action.

Task 2: Following through with the change management plan,to manage changes to the project, for the purpose of maintaining the alignment of business needs with the project goals.

Task 3: Meeting project requirements and business needs by determining whether the project deliverables meet the quality standards set in the quality management plans through the use of the precise techniques and tools.

Task 4: Observe and evaluate risks by verifying whether exposure has changed or not and determining how effective the response strategies are, for the purpose of controlling the influence the risks and opportunities will have on the project.

Task 5: Reducing the impact on the project through the right tools and techniques for the evaluationof the issue log, to update if necessary and establish corrective action.

(New) Task 6: Using the lessons learned in management techniques –capture, analyze and manage, to bring about continuous improvement.

(New) Task 7: Making sure procurement objectives are met by monitoring the procurement activities in accordance with the procurement plan.

There won’t be any changes in Closing the Project as per the PMP Certification changes, 2015. All the tasks will remain as they are.

Task 1: Acquiring final acceptance from relevant stakeholders for project deliverables, to confirm the achievement of the project scope and deliverables.

Task 2: To enable project closure, by transferring ownership of deliverables to allocated stakeholderswith the project plan.

Task 3: Communicate formal closure of the project and ensure transfer of liability through legal, financial and administrative closure while using the generally accepted policies and practices.

Task 4: Follow the communications management plan for the purpose of preparing and sharing the final project report, to document and display project performance and help out with project evaluation.

Task 5: Update the organization’s knowledge base through the collective lessons learned, documented through the conduct of comprehensive project reviews and through the project itself.

Task 6: Maintain an archive of all the project documents and materials, through commonly accepted practices that meet the statutory requirements and for future in new projects and audits.

Task 7: Deriving feedback from the stakeholders concerned, through the use of the correct tools and techniques depending on the stakeholders management plan, to assess their satisfaction.

There will be an addition of 8 tasks in total. With the latest update about PMP Exam change the old material will soon be obsolete. Anyone considering taking the exam this year should do so before or by the 1 November 2015.
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